Fossil fuel divestment speaker: Carleton honoree to return degree
From: Mary Jo Cristofaro (
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 09:20:08 -0700 (PDT)
I am sure some of you have seen this- Just passing along...

Hi all!

This is Soren Schlassa of Divest Carleton. We hosted a screening of This Changes Everything a few months ago, and if you're getting this it's because you left your contact info with us then. I'm writing today because on Friday the 22nd there's going to be an exciting event: David Loy, Carleton '69, is going to be on campus returning his honorary degree in protest of the Board's decision to continue investments in fossil fuels.

David is a professor and Zen Buddhist teacher who lectures internationally and is quite well-known for his writings on Buddhism and environmentalism. He received an honorary degree from Carleton in 2014. He's going to give a talk and then stay around for informal discussion this Friday at 4:30pm on Carleton's campus in Leighton Hall 305. We'd love it if you came and brought friends!

If you could also help us publicize and forward this information to any interested people or relevant groups, I'd be much obliged. Somehow (does anyone know how?) a good number of Northfield residents found out about the film screening, and we'd like to reach that same crowd if possible. Send me an email if you have thoughts or questions!

Thanks very much and hope to see you there,

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