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Greetings Mera Colling,

Hello from Rob Hopkins,

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Those of us living and transitioning in the Upper Midwest of the United States have experienced climate change as “global weirding.”  In Minnesota, summers have gotten hotter and  more humid while formerly predictable summer rains have become nearly non-existent. When a single rain barrel once would suffice to water gardens from one rain to the next, smart gardeners are installing multiple rain barrels to avoid using and paying for municipal water to irrigate gardens.  Some communities are experiencing “100-year floods” every few years at the same time as neighboring communities are in severe drought. It’s tricky figuring out when to plant gardens and how to manage them under the conditions of unpredictable weather. Winters have also gotten warmer and with less snowfall.  Adapting to these swings has been a challenge, indeed.   


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Rob Hopkins


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