The Important work of our Young People!
From: Mary Jo Cristofaro (
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 21:05:34 -0800 (PST)
I am forwarding this letter from a Carleton student who is involved with Transition Youth- This is such important work these students are trying to do! Please support them with whatever you can! and Please pass this letter on to everyone you know.
 together-Mary Jo Cristofaro

Hello Transition Northfield-

My name is Sam Neubauer, I'm a first year student from Carleton College, and I'm contacting you because I want your support in doing one of the most important things I could possibly be doing right now: fighting the Keystone XL pipeline.

According to NASA’s chief climate scientist approving the pipeline would be “game over” for the climate. Nonetheless, the fossil fuel industry has been pressuring hard to pass this pipeline. The movement against the Keystone XL pipeline has been growing ever since 2011, when a massive civil disobedience transformed the campaign against the KXL Pipeline from a lost cause to a winnable fight.

Now Obama must make his final decision on the pipeline, and it is critical to demonstrate that we are as passionately opposed to Keystone XL as we have ever been. Students across the country we are organizing a massive student protest in Washington DC, KXL Dissent. As a student I am asking you to support us in our time of need, it’s our future and we can’t afford to lose to the power of big oil corporations.

I need your help, we need your help. We are asking you to help us stop the Keystone XL pipeline by sponsoring students to DC. Each student’s transportation costs 175 dollars and 100 dollars for a jail ticket. This is our moment to be heard, but we can’t do it without you.

Thank you so much for helping us in our time of need,

Sam Neubauer and passionate students across Minnesota
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