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Me too.


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Very good news!   Please count me in.  My house is available for meetings, FYI.

Christine S.

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One year ago we started the Resilient Book Club; a place to read and discuss resiliency topics in fiction and non-fiction formats. Although there is still plenty read and discuss (!) we are transitioning to a new phase.

Several years back a small group met over the summer to share ideas and implement specific actions to make their own households more resilient. Our very helpful discussions created: weather-proofing, increased canning, emergency preparedness materials storage, garden commitments. (Not all in the same home, or at the same time!)

We want to resurrect this group, and use the Resilient Book Club as the launch pad.

So, the logistics:

1. An ideal group size is 5-7 people. Therefore, we are requesting RSVPs so we can assess if more than one RH is desirable.
Maybe this is a neighborhood project...?

2. Many materials out there we could use, but we are suggesting Survival Mom by Lisa Bedford. Now, she is pro-gun for security reasons and we can surely discuss the pros and cons of this strategy. But Lisa has also compiled a comprehensive but very readable book, with lists. NOTE: we will supplement with other materials.

3. We will shift discussions away from the library due to their time constraints. We will probably meet in people's homes, but we think not rotating. (Too confusing.)  Places to meet to be determined, in part on how many RH groups organized.

Let us know if you have any questions; and also let us know if you want in!

Thanks--Mera and Angel

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