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From: Paul Sebby (psebbywell.com)
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 13:10:57 -0700 (PDT)
Transitioners:  This information about a food growing database was sent to Transition Northfield, so we're sending it on to you in case you are interested.  (Note that this is not an activity initiated by Transition Northfield.)

Subject: [Transition Northfield] Food
Date: July 21, 2013 10:49:45 PM CDT
Reply-To: Alex Bayley <skud [at] growstuff.org>

Name: Alex Bayley
Email: skud [at] growstuff.org
Website: http://growstuff.org/
Brief description of your resource/organization and why you wish to be included in this directory: Hi!

I'm writing to let you and your Transition group know about a new project I've recently launched, which may be of interest to anyone in your area who grows their own food or wants to start.

Growstuff (http://growstuff.org/) is a website for food gardeners to track what they're growing and connect with other food gardeners in their local area.  We provide a crop database, a journal to track your plantings and harvests, and forums on growing stuff, sustainability, and other subjects.

Before we started Growstuff we talked to to food growers from around the world, and what we found is that most of them are frustrated by the lack of locally relevant information.  We hope to solve that by offering our members advice that's relevant to their local climate and conditions, connections to other nearby growers who know what grows best in your area, and ways to share and swap knowledge and produce with people near you.

Of course, this works best when a number of people from the same area all join up together. We'd like to invite your Transition group to become a part of Growstuff.  It's free to join, though we also have ways for people to support us by buying a paid membership.  You'll see that we're small and just getting started, but we're growing rapidly and constantly adding new features.  In fact, Growstuff is an open source software project, largely built by volunteers, with lots of opportunities to get involved at every level.  (You can find out more about this at http://wiki.growstuff.org/)

The eventual goal of Growstuff is to create a worldwide database of who's growing what where, and release this information under a free license so that anyone can use it.  This in turn will help spark other initiatives around local food, community, and sustainability.

Please forward this email to your group or any other groups near you.  If it would be helpful, we can also provide a short article for your newsletter.

Growstuff: http://growstuff.org/
Twitter: @growstufforg
Email: info [at] growstuff.org

Looking forward to seeing you on Growstuff,

Alex Bayley
Growstuff Founder
Group/Organization: Growstuff

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