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From: Mera Colling (
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 12:06:13 -0800 (PST)
Well, that is irritating. I even sent it in .docx AND earlier word versions in case people don't have the newer version. Here is a copied and pasted version below:

   Friday, January 4 2013
   6:00 pm
   Just Food Mtg Room
Meeting called by: Initiating Group Type of meeting: Monthly Meeting
Facilitator:      Mera    Note taker:

Please read:    November 2012 minutes (sent by Paul Sebby on 12/12/12)
Please bring:
Topic    Presenter    Time allotted

o    6:00 Get settled, check in        10 min
o 6:10 Read/review mission and vision statements, agreements 10 min
o    6:20 Read November 2012 minutes        5 min
o    6:25 Review and approve January agenda        5 min
o    6:30 Community Resilience Plan: Food topic discussion        40 min
o    7:10 Student Garden Proposal     Shodo    15 min
o 7:25 Update on 2012-10 EDAP Heft Project Angel/Christine/Karen 10 min o 7:35 Update on 2012-09 Networking Project â Connections with other groups, assigning liaisons Karen/Shodo/MaryJo 5 min o 7:40 Update on 2012-09 Resiliency Book Club Project Mera, Angel, etc. 5 min o 7:45 Announcements â Green Party presentation, etc. Angel, Shodo 5 min
o    7:50 Schedule February monthly meeting and adjourn        10 min



Special notes:    No meeting was scheduled for December 2012.

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Hi Mera,
It seems the program removed the agenda. Could you put it into the body of
the email?

If nobody has reserved the coop meeting room, my house is available - 3
blocks away.


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Here is the agenda ? please look it over and let me know if changes are
needed. It says we are meeting at the coop meeting room ? who was in charge
of reserving it, and do we have it for that evening? ?Mera.
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