Sending out a wide net on vehicle use!
From: Mera Colling (
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 10:11:02 -0800 (PST)
Hi all. I hope this is okay to post here - not sure how many people we have
on this list now. This is Mera Colling (as you probably noticed by the
email address.)

One of my goals was to get a small, fuel-efficient car and last winter the
process was speeded up when my van was totalled. (It was parked at the
time, no injuries, I guess the universe wanted me to get a smaller car
right away.)  Now that I have one, about once per month I need more
butt-spots than my car can hold.  I can take three passengers in my car
comfortably, or four if the three in the backseat are comfortable with
physical contact. About once or rarely twice per month on a Sunday or
Saturday afternoon, I transport a bunch of teenage boys to a mentoring
group that meets in various places in the twin cities, and this is when I
wish I had a little more room because there are five guys so if they all go
I can't squeeze them in, or take along either of my younger children which
is sometimes convenient.

What I'm wondering is if there are people who are interested in renting
their minivan on an occasional basis, for a more reasonable price than the
auto rental places offer. I have never had a speeding ticket, or any ticket
for that matter, and the two accidents I've had were the one above (when
the vehicle was parked) and a second one when a deer ran into my drivers
side door in South Dakota - so overall I'm a good, safe driver. I also
generally will not drive on icy roads if I can help it at all, and would
not drive your vehicle on ice either.

My kids want me to get a minivan again, but at this point paying for the
second vehicle and insurance just to use it one day per month seems silly.
I am willing to ay cash for the privilege, no freebies, because I want it
to be a win-win. I can also do community exchange if you are on there and
prefer payment that way! I also wondered if others on this list would be
interested in using vehicles more efficiently and helping each other out
with that from time to time. -Mera.
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