Re: Community action ideas
From: Robert Bruce (
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2012 07:13:07 -0800 (PST)
 while I do not disagree with your hope of having folk step in to provide
services where possible - there is a great adopt-a-park opportunity for
example - I do need (as a recently past member of the Library Board) to say
that re-starting Booker is high on the agenda, and really can not be done
only with volunteers.  The driver has to meet specific requirements in
order to drive, and the service offered needs some specific training, and,
hopefully, Spanish facility.  Library volunteers continue to be needed, and
can fill out a form at the circ desk, but money is also needed, in this
case for gas, repairs, etc.  Grants are being looked for to get it back on
the road ASAP.   Keep on thinking!        Peace,          Bob

On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 11:57 AM, Paul Sebby <psebby [at]> wrote:

> Charles Eisenstein, who writes much on the Gift Economy and is a strong
> supporter of the Occupy movement, has a very interesting article about
> future tangible goals for the movement.  Since there's a certain overlap
> between the community engagement activities of Occupy and Transition, I
> thought this article might be of general interest:
> For example, he mentions that as cities are forced by financial
> circumstances to make deep cuts, people can step up and fill some of those
> roles such as providing library or personal protection services.  [Isn't
> the well-liked Booker mobile children's library currently in mothballs here
> in Northfield?  Could someone restart that, even if on a small scale?]  We
> should view every cut in services as an OPPORTUNITY to step up and provide
> those services in a human, caring way instead of in a profit-dependent way.
> He also recommends that we "occupy the economy" by setting up alternatives
> to currency:  "I think a time-based system (like Ithaca Hours) would be
> ideal."  That is exactly what Transition Northfield has set up in our
> Community Exchange system at which
> currently has 26 members and several dozen goods and services that are
> available for free from members of our community.
> I think we will see more and more opportunities for serving our community
> in 2012.
>  Paul
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