Community Resilience Transition Plan
From: Gina Collins (
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 04:39:58 -0800 (PST)
Hi!  Is this Paul?
Thanks for the update on the Community Resilience Transition Plan.
It looks like a great start!
I'm particularly interested in the "interviews with community elders 
about life years ago with much less energy".  They would be a great 
resource for the skills necessary to live with much less energy (the 
Amish could be another resource) and that could lead in to various 
educational offerings for those skills.  Do you have a plan for this, or 
is everyone just going to do their own interviews? I would be very 
interested in participating in this part of the Plan.  I'll be moving back
to Northfield in January (why not?) and am looking forward to finding 
ways to get involved.
Also, I hope you're including "health care with much less energy" as 
an agenda topic in one of your public Plan meetings.  My background
is in nursing and health so I'm interested in this topic also, as well as
food production issues.
Anyway, I'll be up there after the holidays--hope yours are warm and
happy--and I'll show up at a public meeting or contact you in some 
other way then.
Gina Collins


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> I've written a post on our web site about the 
> Community Resilience Transition Plan meeting on December 3rd, where we 
> gathered action step ideas related to Energy. See the web site for a summary 
> of the actions (or the full list).
> There are also two new tabs on the web site:
> - Resilience Plan: an outline of all the proposed sections in our plan, with 
> links to the notes for each topic as they become available.
> - Local Resources: a list of local people and organizations that can help 
> build community resilience.
> Paul
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